Playbook 2018

OVER $250,000 Of Market Research Proves That The Real Estate Market Is Getting Ready For A Massive Change:

Each year we spend over $250,000 on key market research. It tells us everything we need to do to be successful investors in the market environment.

The mistake that most people make is guessing about the market data. Because the data is always right.

And this year, it is MORE IMPORTANT than EVER to know exactly  where the data says the market is heading… and set up the game plan based on real numbers.

Why Is THIS Year So Different?

Because historically speaking, the real estate market operates on a 10-year cycle.

Think back for a moment to 2006/2007.

After riding high on a soaring housing market for more than seven years, we started seeing a decline in home prices. And prices continued to plunge through fall of 2008.

Then on December 30, 2008 the Case-Shiller home price index reported its LARGEST drop in HISTORY!

Well, We’re Seeing The Same Set Up Now

The market has been on fire for the last three years.

Figure 1: U.S Home Price Expectation

In fact, it’s predicted to finish 2017 at a whopping 15% higher than its 2007 peak.

And since 2013, we’ve even seen certain housing segments INCREASE 50% from their 2013 prices.

Now you know and I know that the market cannot continue to go up as much as it has been.

And just like we saw in 2006/2007, it’s going to reach its breaking point soon. Very soon.

History Is About to Repeat Itself...Are YOU Prepared?

I’ve got news for you… 2018 marks exactly 10 YEARS after one of the worst housing market plunges in history.

U.S. Housing Follows a More or Less Regular Cycle

And investors who turn a blind eye and wishfully think that they’ll keep riding the wave of high prices, will soon be sunk as the market plunges down to the bottom of this historical cycle.


Let me tell you, we have SO much to cover at REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE January 12-14. In fact, we’re revealing all $250,000 of our research.

We’ll show you exactly what should be in your 2018 Playbook in order to protect yourself from the upcoming 10-year market plunge.

Oh, and did I mention it is in Las Vegas? … In January?

So while most of the country will be freezing their asses off…

You will be in VEGAS, baby! Learning how to exponentially grow (and protect!) your business for 2018.

Here’s just a handful of what we’re going to cover in depth:

  • The FULL 2018 Market Forecast: The 5 MUST-KNOW questions that will save you from the 10-year Real Estate cycle
  • Comprehensive 2018 Tax Strategies that will SAVE you money and KEEP more cash in your pocket
  • Your get out of jail free card: How to wholesale LEGALLY and avoid FELONIES And so much more!

Not only will I walk you through how to create your playbook, the systems, and how to do more deals…

But in addition to myself, you’ll get to hear from two very special key speakers:

Meet Jeff Watson.

He’s author and nationally recognized real estate attorney who represents established real estate investors in commercial and residential matters. He’ll teach you exactly how to:

  • Avoid the big no no’s that EVERY SINGLE INVESTOR falls into when they market a house for wholesaling (Follow his advice to avoid serious JAIL TIME!) How to LEGALLY wholesale a home and stay out of the eyes of ARELLO
  • How to keep your cash out of Uncle Sam’s pockets—with clever tax avoidance maneuvers that EVERY real estate investor should be using
  • How to COVER your ass…and protect your ASSETS in 2018

If you haven’t yet met Jeff at one of our live events, you’re in for a treat.

Not only is he an EXPERT attorney in the real estate investing field, but he is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

So nice, in fact that he practically stole the show at our live event in 2017.

After giving away his invaluable advice for more than FOUR HOURS…I finally had to kick him off the stage.

Haven’t heard of ARELLO yet? You soon will if you’re an investor who wholesales properties.

Basically, ARELLO is like an organization made up of private investigators that shut down investors and bust them for breaking the law. Let’s just say you do NOT want these guys on your tail.

Remove The Bullseye From Your Back

It’s really good to have someone like Jeff Watson in your corner. Especially after finding out that ARELLO is starting to focus even more manpower on investors who wholesale.

ARELLO is really cracking down on who they are going after. In fact, one of their upcoming workshops is designed by and for investigators and auditors.

They specifically have a “Real Estate Wholesaling” section in the workshop that will show these investigators and auditors what to look for and how to bust more real estate investors.

Jeff Watson will be there. He’ll be taking notes, learning all the latest tactics ARELLO will be using, and finding out what and who they will specifically be targeting.

Who do you have sitting in the room? Who do you have in YOUR corner?

We’ve got Jeff.

So when you join us at REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE you’ll learn exactly how to wholesale without fines. Without investigation. We’ll show you how to remove that target from your back.

It’s just another way we help keep YOU legal, profitable, and out of jail.

“SEAL” In Your Success For 2018

We also have another amazing speaker:

Meet David Goggins.

If you’ve never heard of David Goggins… look him up NOW.

This Navy Seal and extreme endurance athlete is one of the
world’s toughest men.

  • He finished the Badwater 135 not once. Not Twice. But he finished this 135 mile race through Death Valley with temperatures as high as 130F—a total of THREE times.
  • He ran 203 miles in a 48-hour race. No biggie, right? Oh, yeah… but I forgot to mention that he ran the last 24 hours of the race with a torn quad.
  • He also set the world record for pull-ups in 24 hours. He did 4,025 pull-ups. Only HE did it in 17 hours.

This guy is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. And that’s exactly why I chose him to be part of REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE.

He’s going to talk to you about what kind of MINDSET you need to have not only to SURVIVE 2018’s real estate market… but THRIVE in it—regardless of what it throws at you.

I’ll also reveal…


Part of what makes REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE so valuable is that I divulge exactly what worked well and what totally bombed in 2017. So you don’t have to make the same costly mistakes that I did.

Each year we spend a TON of MONEY on data, market research, and testing new ideas to find the BEST way to market and to stay on top… so YOU don’t have to.

We spend our own cash…

We dedicate our staff and hundreds of man-hours to test new marketing methods and approaches…

And then we SHARE everything we’ve learned with you so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the best approach for the upcoming market.

Not only are you NOT having to spend YOUR money on data, market research, and testing…

You’re SAVING yourself from the headache and hundreds of hours it takes to TEST new approaches.

Get it? I’ve already figured it out for you… on MY dime. You won’t have to do any of the hard (and expensive!) work in 2018.

The only thing YOU NEED to do is get your butt to Vegas on January 12th through 14th.

I’m telling you…the market is tapped out. It’s due for a shift. And if YOU don’t PREPARE and change your approach and mindset, you’ll soon find your business extinct.


Because I’m giving you a precise game plan for 2018 based on over $250K of research. I promise you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to position yourself for a super successfully 2018.

But Here’s What I Promise I WON’T Give You At REU’S 2018 Playbook Live:

You WON’T get a polished, suit & tie CEO.

(But I’ll be rocking a Hurley tee and jeans like nobody’s business. I keep it casual, real, and non-stuffy)

You WON’T get someone who teaches investing THEORY

(I only share with you what we actually tried and KNOW works with 100% certainty. You get my “no fluff” promise! You’ll drink from the firehose with enough content to redefine your business for the entire year)

You WON’T get real estate investing BASICS

(What I’m going to show you is 100% for intermediate to advanced Real Estate investors ONLY. If you’re a complete newbie, a lot of this will be over your head.)

This is by far the BEST Investment you can make in yourself and your business.

I’m packing 3 days full of data, market research, and proven marketing tactics that YOU CAN’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE.

I guarantee you’ll walk away a changed investors and with at least 1 new “golden nugget” that will revitalize and revolutionize your business this year.

Not to mention, you’ll have content out the wazoo.

You could fill 3 full notebooks with everything I’ll cover at REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE.

So if you personally don’t have $250,000 to spend on research… it’s a good idea to know someone who does. (Ahem… ME!)

Because the real estate market is going to eat investors for breakfast when the shift begins.

And if you’re not prepared, you’re going to wind up on your ass.


  • How to SAFEGUARD your investing business for the 10-year Real Estate drop cycle
  • How to not only survive… but THRIVE while other investors fail when the market plunges
  • How to keep more of your profits in your pocket…and out of Uncle Sam’s hands
  • The #1 thing to do FIRST when the market starts to reverse (investor who fail to do this can kiss their ass goodbye)
  •  And much, much more!

It’s why joining me for REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE January 12-14 is SO important.

I’m seeing some STARTLING signs in the market!

And investors who fail to change their approach…or turn a blind eye to what the market is about to throw at us, will FAIL MISERABLY.

That’s why it’s attending REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE is THE best investment you’ll make.

One that will likely SAVE YOU you tens of thousands of dollars

in costly mistakes and missed opportunities over the course of this year.

…One that can keep you from being swallowed whole by the market when the 10-Year cycle hits.

I can preach how important it is all day long. But in the end it’s up to you:

You Have To Take Action To Get Results:

So register for REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE and get the special $1,497 AIRFARE INCLUDED Rate.

But you have to hurry: This SPECIAL OFFER ends when the countdown timer hits 00:00. After that, you’ll have to pay for your own plane ticket!


Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the exact details on the conference. (i.e. hotel name, conference location, and tentative schedule, etc.

But I highly suggest you don’t wait. I’m only offering to buy your round trip plane ticket—up to $500—for the next 7 days.

After that, the price will remain at $1,497… but you’ll be on your own for covering the cost of your flight.

Don’t procrastinate. Take advantage of this special limited time “AIRFARE INCLUDED RATE” before time is up… and join me and the REU Crew in Las Vegas January 12-14 for only $1,497.


This 2018 Playbook LIVE is going to be extra special because it falls on Jeff Watson’s birthday. (Yes, he’s turning 29… AGAIN)

So we’ve decide to throw him a big birthday bash… and we’re inviting Jeff’s entire rolodex.

I’m talking about a lengthy list of Who’s WHO in real estate investing…that Jeff’s amassed over the past 25 years.

These are HIGH NET WORTH business associates who have made millions of dollars.

They’re the type of people you want to meet and get to know. The ones who are crushing the market.

And when you join us for REU’s 2018 Playbook LIVE, you’ll not only get to share some of Jeff’s delicious birthday cake with them…

But you’ll have the chance to rub elbows and pick their brain on what they’ve done in their business that has made them so successful.

I’m telling you, this opportunity is UNLIKE any other you’ll find.

So make sure you join me in Las Vegas, January 12-14.

I really hope you’ll be one of the smart investors who gets me to cover up to $500 of their round trip airfare with this limited time AIRFARE INCLUDED special.

You MUST take advantage of it before the countdown timer hits 00:00… or you’ve missed out on this deal for good.



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