You may have missed the event, but you don’t have to miss the content!

EVERYTHING In Real Estate Has changed... AGAIN!

It happens every year, things change.

That's why you need real, tested and UP-TO-DATE information that actually works!

This year, we had to completely revamp how we approach real estate investing to adapt to the 2015 market.

I shared over a dozen new and tested systems (that you won't see on a Systems Saturday video) at the 2015 Systems Saturday LIVE Summit.


I told over 100 people in San Diego what worked REALLY well in 2014 and what totally bombed so they didn't have to make the same mistakes that I did.


Here are just a handful of the topics we covered in-depth in San Diego:

Marketing For Deals

  • Where my 1st Marketing Dollar is going in 2015. I Refuse to Market for Buyers in 2015. I will NOT, I repeat, I will NOT be marketing for buyers in all of 2015. I started this system in Oct. 2014 and I'm kicking myself for focusing so many hours selling properties, when every house can sell in less than 48 hours, without you marketing for any buyers.
  • Delete All Your Websites. I've boosted our conversion rates by over 1000% by ditching my real estate website.
  • Knock, Knock Craigslist... Wakey Wakey. Where the hell did you go in 2014? Why did you take away HTML Ads, Why does the 9AM, Noon, 5PM Posting system NO Longer work and what we are doing to boost Craiglist 150% from 2014.
  • The 2015 "Style Guide" for my homes. The EXACT colors, carpet, tile, and wall texture I'm moving to in the 2015 Real Estate market

Deal Flow:

  • STOP making offers to sellers, and STOP telling them your offer price!
  • The 5 Star Seller. Since the market wants us to DELETE our websites in 2015, sellers EXPECT to see a 5 Star rating on YOU. I explain how you'll be doing it for FREE, even if you don't have any experience in Real Estate
  • How "We're Out" gets you deals. With two simple words, I'll share how to make buyers emotional, letting their guard down, so they'll NEVER hit you up on a post inspection to ruin your deal again!
  • The 2015 new buying and selling formulas for the HUD explosion in 2015. HUD Dropped off the map and inventory got REAL TIGHT the past 9 months. Here's what the insiders are telling us about HUD in 2015.

I also found a MAJOR crack in the way deals are funded, and I've changed our ENTIRE approach for raising capital in 2015. NOBODY else shares this. I promise this is BIG.

What you need to know about funding in 2015

  • The Guru's New Funding Programs and why you should read the FINE PRINT
  • Changing your 2015 Image (and I'm NOT talking about your clothes)
  • Using ANY of your Money is TOXIC
  • Raising 250k in 30 days or less
  • Get my EXACT presentation and the NEW, and improved funding quick start for 2015

Smart 2015:

  • EVERYONE gets a 10% raise in 2015 And I mean EVERYONE!! This is a HUGE lesson I tested and learned in 2014. I learned that, even if you're broke, you need to pay your contractors, lenders, assistants and TEAM a HUGE pay raise.
  • Defining your team culture How clutter, mountains of paper, trash and noise will TRIPLE your revenue in 2015. (A $50 bill did the trick)
  • 2015 isn't going to be about USELESS real estate courses and hearing guru pitches anymore.
  • The Million Dollar Blueprint What it actually takes... the team you need and the systems I've created FOR YOU to make a 7 figure pay day!f (By no means am I guaranteeing that you will make 1M in 2015. I work my ass off, Spend over 250k a year in testing and marketing. Plus, I have complete step by step systems in place that made it all possible)
  • Broke to No Joke I will share with you how I was broke, busted and disgusted ($600,000 in debt) and transformed to completely debt free with over 100k in the bank in just 1 year.

If you take all of the content, my tested systems… my market research… the things that worked well in 2014… and the split tests I did on things that we just new would be game changers, but COMPLETELY BOMBED… You won't have to do any of the hard work in 2015!!!

I already figured it out for you… on my dime.


Warning #1:

I'm very blunt, and I'm NOT a polished speaker! Don't expect a suit and tie from me. And don't expect my english to be perfect. I simply tell it like it is with no fluff. And I will never teach theory.

Warning #2:

This is a lot to digest! You'll watch these sessions with a notepad over and over. I only had two days to cover content that will redefine your whole year. So, it's a bit like drinking from a firehose.

Warning #3:

The content of this event is 100% for intermediate to advanced Real Estate Investors and realtors. Absolutely no basics will be covered. If you're brand new and you're still having a hard time grasping the basics of Real Estate, much of this will be over your head.


If you're still reading this the question that HAS to be going through your mind is…

"Is it worth it?"

Here are 4 reasons why I know it's a bargain at 10 or 20 times the price:

  1. It's the best use of your time.

    With this recording, you'll receive approximately 18 hours of hard hitting, no fluff content, just like I do on my Systems Saturday Trainings every single week.

  2. It's the best way to invest your MONEY.

    If you really think about it, THE BEST home-study courses retail for $997, you would need to spend AT LEAST $6,000-$8,000 just to get the same AMOUNT of information you'll get from this 2 day workshop. I invested over $250,000 in 2014 on systems and tests that I thought would KILL IT but completely BOMBED. Wouldn't you like to avoid making the same mistakes. Wouldn't you like to know with complete clarity what works and where the market is headed in 2015 (based upon the amount of research $250k will give ya)?

  3. Guaranteed Content!

    If you're like me, you've purchased every $997 product out there. You've invested in every promising coaching program that costs $25,000 or $40,000, but most of the time it just sits on the shelf. I hate to admit it, but I am guilty as hell of doing that. With these sessions YOU WILL get immediate value from your investment and YOU WILL make money because of it.

  4. Learn Just 1 Nugget!

    With every book I read and all the coaching programs that I buy/bought, all I try and do is learn one thing from them. I'm not looking for the "Mother of All" because that book would be too damn long for a hillbilly like me to read (plus, I read slow). With all the issues we covered, don't ya think you can learn at least one thing? I know that answer is YES, because more than likely, you didn't invest $250,000 in research in 2014, like I did.


At this point there REALLY isn't much else I can say. And you've seen what the people who were there said about the event. If you want to access to the vital information that will fundamentally change how you approach investing in 2015, then this is exactly what you need.