Bounty Hunter Marketing with Bank Bags for Real Estate Investors


From The Desk Of John Cochran:

Obviously, 2020 wasn’t ideal for any of us. There’s so much going on in the world today. Major changes have been made almost overnight and I’ll tell you as a business owner you must adapt or you will be out of business really quick.

I want to give you a gift that I know for a fact will help you as a Real Estate Investor get a deal under contract REALLY REALLY quick! Below you’re going to see a system that I’ve never really published online that we do regularly to bring in deals with hard-to-find sellers. In fact, I’ve never NOT (double negative) done a deal with doing the system that I’m giving you below. All you have to do is follow it and it will work for you as well. 

I can’t obviously guarantee any results by implementing this but what I can tell you is that I’ve got a deal under contract and made a huge ROI every single time that I’ve used this system. 

When (not if) you do a deal with this system, I don’t want anything in return. This is my gift to you for being loyal and awesome over the years that I’ve been sharing my investing systems online with the general public.

Are you ready for it?

I call it Bounty Hunter marketing with bank bags.

Full Disclosure: We typically will only use this system on sellers that are hard to find or we've been marketing to for a really long time and they just won't respond to us... This gets them every single time!

I’ve been told by sellers this it’s genius. This is NOT something that you should just send to anyone that you have on a list. It needs to be very targeted and again we only send this to sellers when they won’t respond to us via direct mail, phone calls, ringless voicemails, or text messages. This WILL get their attention and they will call you!





This is exactly what they get in the mail. A real bank bag (as the envelope) a handwritten note and a nice crisp dollar bill.

Who gets this?

I mentioned above that not everyone gets this. That means that you don’t just go buy a list and start sending this out. In fact, you shouldn’t go out and get the most targeted motivated seller (combo seller) and send this to them on your first touch. It would be a huge no-no.

This needs to be sent to people that you’ve been marketing to and already followed up with 5+ times. This needs to go to people that just won’t respond or call you back. This will get their attention and they will pick up the phone and dial your digits. 

I would even suggest only send this to people that you’ve been trying to get to call you for a month or more with no luck!

Where do we get everything from?

  • The bank bags you can get from 3D mail results (
  • The handwritten note you will need to stop overthinking and go to a store that has paper and pen and just get it. It doesn’t need to be fancy
  • The crisp $1 bill you can get from your bank
  • The stamps need to be purchased at the post office. We just went once, had them weigh one of these bags so we knew what it would cost to mail, we bought the stamps and went back to the office and made the magic happen
  • You also need to buy tape and put it over the zipper as the post office does require that in order to send in the mail.

The message on the handwritten note:


I want to buy your house at (merge in the address)

Just know there’s thousands more coming your way when you call me!

(Phone Number)


The call to action:

You need to drive them to just calling you. Don’t do anything like trying to send people to a website or anything like that. It won’t work! Just keep it simple and have them call you directly.

Why does this work so well?

It works for a lot of reasons but really for 2 main reasons. It’s different and it’s going to the right person that won’t call you. This is something that we do often but something that we do in small quantities. We typically will mail out only 30 a month. Again they’re going to the right person so it doesn’t need to be a ton.

The return on investment:

This isn’t cheap to do but I will tell you that it’s VERY effective and it’s totally worth every single penny that you spend on it. Would you hand me $500 in cash if in return I would give you $10,000 back in less than 30 days? Of course, you would and that’s how you need to look at this. 

That’s really all there is to it. It’s simple and very effective. 

I will also tell you that we have a brand new technology coming out very soon called Systemate that will do all this 100% for you and it will be wayyyyyy cheaper than what I described above. You will love it but don’t wait on Systemate to do this for you before you implement it. 

The speed that you implement will always dictate your results.

My gift to you,

John Cochran
The King of Systems


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    Leave it to John to come up with another winner!

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    Thx Johnny~

    How do we find the other Templates for Follow Up that you use? I have the basic marketing one.

    I saw yours on a teaching for the Follow Up before….very cool!

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